Trick or Treat

Here’s yet another really good reason I’m not a parent:

I’d make my kid dress up as 47% and just stand there with his hand out.

He’d be all “But Dad, I wanna be Batman!”  and I’d be like “Tough crap kid!  You’ll be 47% and you’ll like it.  It’s hysterical.  Trust me.  Now go out there get me a snickers bar.”

3 responses to this post.

  1. It seems from looking on my Facebook page that a lot of parents dress their kids up as whatever they like instead of what the kid likes. So you’re excuses for not parenting are null and void. Hah.


  2. I’d trademark, copyright that costume. ;)


  3. I’d have given him a binder and told him not to come back til it was filled with women.
    Yeah, good thing I’m not a parent either.


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