Shocker! More Crap That Bugs Me……I don’t Know Why….Sue My Parents….They Made Me.

You know how I am.  (If you don’t just pretend and play along)  I was commenting on a post (again) and emailing Blue (again) and some things popped up that bother me.  I don’t know why these things bother me but they do.  So I had to write about them.  I know, shocker!

The old saying “clean as a whistle” is one of the stupidest sayings I’ve ever heard and yet it is commonly used.  Think about that one for a while.  Can you think of anything as disgustingly filthy as a whistle?  Picture a ref at a football or basketball game.  (Bear with me non-sports fans, this isn’t a sports take it’s a whistle take.)  He runs around sweating like a pig and salivating like an overweight black lab, blowing constantly into his damn whistle.  Can you imagine how that bad boy would smell after the game?  What if he’s a smoker or worse yet a tobacco chewer?  What if he needs a belt of whiskey (strictly for medicinal purposes) before each game and during his halftime break?  What if he doesn’t have good oral hygiene?  What if he had a garlic onion limburger sandwich for lunch?  Nope.  Anyway you look at it, a whistle is not clean.  Stop saying that.

Another thing that struck me as stupid or at best unnecessary is the word “past.”  We already have the word “passed” as in the times passed you by.  Since something in the past is actually something from a time which has passed, we don’t need two different words here.  Who decided past was required?  The past tense of pass is passed.  Why can’t it be: the passed tense of pass is passed?  Isn’t history things that happened in the passed?  I call superfluous wordage!

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  1. Well, while you’re on a roll, exactly how fit is a fiddle?


    • That’s a great point. If a bass fiddle used to be called a violin, it isn’t very fit.
      When was the last time you saw a fiddle busting a sweat on the bike path? Or in a zumba class?
      And since we’re on the topic….what the hell are “fiddlesticks”? Just say “shit” like the rest of us when you stub your toe.


  2. I think the ball in a whistle is made of cork. That wouldn’t absorb a bunch of influenza juice from the blower, would it?


  3. I think you need the two words in case you ever need to say… “in the past, I have passed gas!” Or maybe not……..


  4. I completely agree…filthy germ-ridden whistle.
    And what’s going on when something ‘tickles your fancy’? (it’s a common phrase use in Australia….not sure about your country)


  5. And yet, you have added the phrase “superfluous wordage” to the lexicon, so methinks it balances out…


  6. Ha ha Rich! So true. This post made me delightfully sick to my stomach (in a good way)!


  7. Are people really still going around using these sayings? We should hit them.


  8. The saying “Easy as pie” always gets me. Not that I’ve ever made pie, mind you. (Or anything that doesn’t come in it’s own microwavable packaging, for that matter.) But I’ve eaten it. A lot.

    And it tastes complicated.


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